shop module

With our shop module, you can manage and sell products online that can be picked up in your physical stores.

How it Works:

Manage Shop Offers

Manage Shop Offers

You set up products and pricing in your shop though our dashboard. The products you create are distributed through our app API.

Payment Providers

We can help you integrate with any third party payment providers.

Redeem in Store

We offer five different redemption methods which gives you great flexibility to suit your store operations.

From our ‘no IT project’ manual validation solution to the optimum customer experience using our advanced POS integration.

Shop in App

Shop in App

Create a shop in your app where your members can buy coupons for themselves or for their friends and family. Customers can pay with points or pay through any third party provider.

Your team has full control of when products and offers are available as well as the pricing.

Our loyalty marketing platform also offers complete flexibility for promotions – for example to run happy hours in the app shop, creating reasons to engage at times of the day/week where you normally have less activity.

Invite your users to purchase tomorrow morning’s coffee tonight – for a nicer price. The purchase in the app shop will create a coupon with the exact expiration time you choose.

Your store can even create multiple offers on the same products – the only difference can be the dynamic coupon expiry time.

Give better prices if the customer buys sooner.

Customers can also top up their gift card through the app shop.

Send a Gift

Send a Gift

Make it simple for your customers to buy a gift and send to their friends and family in your app.

Many parents love to buy lunch or treats for their son or daughter, or help the romantic guy that wants to send his girlfriend a nice treat.

This “send a gift” feature gives your app more purpose, making the app more social and interactive and give people a way to become more caring.

Gifts makes people happy and giving feels good.

Make it simple to make people happy and feel good.

7-Eleven Denmark's app shop

Below screens are showing a couple of examples from 7-Eleven Denmark’s app shop.

In this example, there is a app switch to the MobilePay app, and once the payment has been made, back to the 7-Eleven app where the value coupon has been issued:

MobilePay app

MobilePay app