Beacons to Launch App

Beacons can launch your loyalty app automatically for consumers when they enter your store or approach the point of sale. The easy access to promotions and your rewards program encourages increased use and delivers great value.

Beacons to send messages and promotions

Why not power your app program with location-based triggers and engage with consumers in-store? Using beacons, merchants can send personalised messages to app users when they are near a beacon.

The message can be based on a defined set of rules, with limits to prevent excessive frequency and ensure personalisation and engagement. You can use the location and customer’s transaction history to drive relevant communication in real-time one-to-one in order to increase conversions.

Beacons to Harvest Data

Beacons can silently provide you with important insights about offline behaviour helping you to profile your customers and allocate them into customer groups/segments.





Retailers can define geofences as location based triggers to engage with their consumers.

Geofencing is not as precise as beacons, but it does not require hardware settings such as the availability of bluetooth, so it offers some interesting opportunities when combined with our own platform’s capabilities.

When an app user enters or exits a geofence this can trigger an alert to the app, which can make an API call to Liquid Barcodes’ platform. This API call can ask for a specific coupon campaign to this particular user. Liquid Barcodes responds by issuing the coupon for this user with a push notification.

The coupon can be valid for a short period such as one hour to create sense of urgency and in-store conversion.

Liquid Barcodes can control the number of coupons issued per day/week/month based on API calls from the app.