We believe the future of loyalty is engaging.

With points or stamps as your reward currency, add tiers and levels to engage and truly connect with your customers on a more emotional level.

How can Rewards help your business grow?

Rewards help you build a strong foundation for your loyalty program. Reward your customer's loyalty with points or stamps – or both. Your loyalty member can earn points per $ spent, by purchasing specific products, by visits, and by behavioral actions you want to encourage, such as referring a friend.

Combine the points system with a tier system, letting your customers work their way up to a premium membership. Achieving a premium membership could, in turn, earn the customer more points, rewards, better terms on stamp cards, or exclusive offers.

“Our loyalty stamp cards drive purchases and loyalty across our 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån stores. We love the flexibility to reward our top tier gold customers more generously than our silver members. Our programs are payment-linked allowing customers to earn stamps automatically for coffee, cold drinks, salads and ice-cream.”

Mariette Kristenson

CEO Reitan Convenience Sweden

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How to wow

Three Cs for a 

Great foundation:

Earning points and stamps is Clear and easy to understand for your customer. Adding tiers gives Compelling benefits for your best customers and can be Consistently executed in your loyalty program.

Being brilliant:

Make it Easy to earn and redeem rewards, Engage your customers with tiers, and Empower them to choose their rewards.

Offline 2 Online, 

Online 2 Offline:

Points for in-store purchases drive customers to your online app, while redeeming rewards drives them back into the offline store – and so on, in a virtuous circle.

Reward features




How can Rewards help you connect with your customers?


Build stronger loyalty with engaging points and tier systems.


Easy to earn and redeem points, stamps and rewards.


Points and tiers help identify your most valuable customers.

Are you ready
to start the journey?

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Driving Loyalty in Convenience Retail – Points Programs Case Studies

E book

Driving Loyalty in Convenience Retail – Stamp Card Loyalty Program Case Studies

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Customer program that enables the digital shopper to share treats with friends

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Convenience customer program with auto-stamps and digital receipts

Pressbyrån is part of Reitan Convenience and is Sweden’s leading convenience retailer with close to 350 stores on high-traffic locations such as at metros, train stations and high-streets. Pressbyrån have chosen Liquid Barcodes´ technology to power their app and physical digital paper coupons.   Due to the highly varying margins within convenience, Pressbyrån has opted for a product oriented customer […]


Create your points earn and burn rules, stamp cards and tier configurations. Upload beautiful, branded art-work that your customers will love. Automate actions and customer communication to increase customer life-time value.

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Deep-dive into insights on recruitment, engagement, loyalty member monetary value, frequency and recency. Benchmark store performance and schedule reports to the right managers and teams in your organisation.

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Different, but equally great:


Subscriptions on products such as carwash and coffee make sure your customers come back more often and lets them skip the line 
– convenience style.


With hundreds of game templates and gamified promotional mechanics, your customers will experience that being loyal to your stores is simply fun.

Machine Learning

Build personalized customer connections, improve efficiency, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions with the help of machine learning.

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