Convenience customer program with auto-stamps and digital receipts

Pressbyrån is part of Reitan Convenience and is Sweden’s leading convenience retailer with close to 350 stores on high-traffic locations such as at metros, train stations and high-streets. Pressbyrån have chosen Liquid Barcodes´ technology to power their app and physical digital paper coupons.


Due to the highly varying margins within convenience, Pressbyrån has opted for a product oriented customer program to have full margin control. In such programs, the stamp cards are the primary value drivers for the retailer. Customers that use the app benefit from a wide range of offersgames and exciting content that engage and reward, in addition to the stamp cards. When a customer scans her coffee stamp card she gets a “50% off the next coffee” follow-up reward, valid until end of the same day.



Recruiting is primarily done in store or in the app using the recruit-a-friend concept. Registration is easy with phone number and pin SMS.

Users that register via the payment terminals to receive digital receipts and also automatically get stamps on their stamp cards when paying with their registered payment cards. The solution involves also CNS and Swedbank Zamsos.

Auto-stamps is communicated in the app as a convenient way for customers to be loyal:

Gustav Almqvist, CIO Reitan Convenience Sweden AB is excited about the auto-stamp feature:

It´s great to be able to offer Pressbyrån´s customers a simple and quick service where we make it easy for them to be loyal with us. This favours our most loyal customers the most. They save time and are rewarded every time they shop with us – even when they forget to scan their stamp cards.

After registration, users enter into an on-boarding program to engage the customers and reward them for starting to use the stamp cards. The customers reveal their preferences through short surveys in the app and actions in store and are rewarded with personalised content designed to drive activity towards your favourite stamp card.


Pressbyrån has adopted a highly efficient way of running coupon campaigns. Almost all offers in the app are set up as prepare templates and reused. Coupon campaigns can be scheduled many months in advance to reduce operational work load and be segmented to target specific users.

The paper coupons in store are stamp cards on the most popular products. These provide an ultra low barrier loyalty scheme that do not require registration.

Pressbyrån’s NCR Retalix POS is integrated towards our system using only existing hardware in store. Stamps and offers, both from app and paper, are registered by scanning unique codes at the POS and stores are compensated when free products or good offers are collected based on reports from Liquid Barcodes and the POS.

With its wide range of content, Pressbyrån app has become a very popular convenience app in Sweden.

Download app here.