A great game to help you train your memory!

Match two of the same product to remove those tiles. As your players remove more tiles and progress to higher levels, you can give them better rewards and prizes.

Every time they remove all the tiles, they reach a new level.

This game captures users attention and makes them compete to see how well they can play, with more and more tiles to remove and less time to remove them.

Playing for Fun

Your users can play for fun as much as you like!

They can play for fun to sharpen their skills before playing for rewards. Or they can just enjoy the game and earn points to see their name on the list of your highest scorers.

Playing for Prizes

Your players can only play for rewards a limited number of times. This rule is set up at the start within the game wizard in our dashboard.

Typically most retailers and brands allow their players to play for a prize once a day throughout the campaign period and this runs automatically throughout your campaign each time they play.


To play a demonstration game click any of the phone images below, or simply scan the QR code using your iPhone. 

We will automatically send you an SMS with your demonstration game.

Enjoy Playing!

Play and win

Play and win a smoothie

Play and win a free coffee


Liquid Barcodes

This concept requires multiple images and descriptions. To ensure the best possible customer experience, please consult our campaign operations guide before creating your campaign.


Liquid Barcodes

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