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Our loyalty marketing platform is being continually improved and now includes a “Coupon Shop” module that can run on any website with any brand.

The “coupon shop’ is designed for large scale purchases of your products, so it’s perfect for B2B partners who want to buy everyday relevant rewards from you for their customers. Your B2B customers can be companies within industries like banking or insurance, utilities, telecoms, TV & broadband, newspaper & media, car dealers & service, travel and transportation – companies that are delighted with a simple and affordable way to reward their customers.

These “micro-rewards” are usually products that have universal appeal, such as coffee, soft drinks, ice-cream or a healthy meal. They are paid for in bulk by the partner brand. This solution is increasingly used as a cost-effective and highly efficient way for brands to reward their customers as it also eliminates any individual fulfilment or shipping costs because customers are collecting their reward in person.

It is also 100% secure and prevents fraud as coupons are only ever accepted once in any store and cannot be duplicated, re-used or copied.

You choose and manage which products are sold, giving you a flexible scalable eCommerce B2B channel to add to your in-store sales, and it’s often a completely new sales channel that your competitors cannot offer.

Implementing the online coupon shop is particularly easy if you already have a website. You simply add the “Coupon Shop” module by adding our iframe to your existing web page.

The Customer Journey

Below are some screenshots that show how easy it is for B2B customers to purchase your B2B coupons on your website using our coupon shop.

  1. They choose the products they want to order and how many coupons they need. You control minimum and maximum order levels. It’s easy for them to control how many of each item they buy by simply adding or reducing the quantity of each item in their order.
  2. They click to the check-out page once they are happy with their order.
  3. They choose if they want physical delivery of printed coupons to distribute physically to their customers (or employees) OR if they want digital delivery of the coupons for digital distribution e.g. through their CRM system (SMS, e-mail, app).
  4. After completing their purchase, the customer is sent an order summary on screen and is also sent an email confirming the order details and the receipt.
  5. The end-customer (customer of your B2B customer) then comes to store to use the coupon they have received. In-store they simply scan the coupon code at the point of sale and picks up e.g. the free coffee.

The images here show the “Coupon Shop” screens used by “Fresh” convenience store.

You can view the layout and test the Fresh branded shopping experience on this link.


Product Selection Screen

Fresh app


Order Confirmation Screen

Order Confirmation Screen

Payment Screen (choose between digital and physical delivery)

Payment Screen