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What could be more fun than giving your customers the chance to “scratch & win” with your digital game? They are free and easy to play with and right in the palm of their hand!

Digital scratch cards allow you to create highly effective marketing campaigns using fully branded games that drive engagement and store traffic while maintaining full control of your prize catalog.

You choose whether to want to reward every customer with a coupon, a free gift or even a small consolation prize just for playing when they don’t win.

Why Our Scratch Cards Are So Popular:

  • Our games are usually set for your customers to play every day, so they build the habit of ‘playing’ with your brand and products every day in the palm of their hand.
  • You control how long the game campaign runs and all of the business rules you need to control your risk and rewards portfolio. For example, campaigns often run for two weeks, with customers allowed to play once every day. Customers quickly and easily understand the game and come back every day to have fun and increase their chances of winning.
  • As well as giving away free treats as rewards, you can offer discount coupons as prizes, usually with a higher probability of winning. Customers feel they’ve achieved something that other people can’t get and they love coming to your store to claim their exclusive discount.
  • You can even use ‘double-stamps’ or ‘triple-stamps’ as prizes which cost you nothing, but still ensure the customer feels excited and inspired to keep playing.
  • For added flexibility, you can let your customer choose any of your prize options when she wins – she claims whichever product she likes.
  • If you want to build up your customer data, you can use our ‘survey’ function which allows you to capture for example the winner’s name address, and e-mail address.
  • Most games take less than fifteen minutes to set up from our self-service platform. You set up your branded templates once and then re-use them anytime.

Click any image below to play a demonstration game yourself, or simply scan the QR code using your iPhone.

We will automatically send you an SMS with your demonstration game.

Enjoy Playing!




scratch and win free salad


Smoothie scratch

Scratch and win free coffee

Liquid Barcodes

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Liquid Barcodes

Scratch cards can be used to engage customers on mobile. Get inspired by different cases from our customers!


Liquid Barcodes

Gamification plus every-day-relevant rewards equals success on mobile