Machine Learning

We believe the future of loyalty is intelligent

Build personalized customer connections, improve efficiency, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions with the help of machine learning.

How can Machine Learning help your business grow?

By utilizing customer data, Machine Learning can help you understand your customers and personalize how you connect with them – ensuring optimal relevance and timing for your offers and communication.

Tap into the endless opportunities our AI provides to increase the lifetime value of your loyalty members and subscribers and optimize your customer connection cycle.

Key components:

Data Insight



A/B Testing

How can Machine Learning help you connect with your customers?


Understand your customer and optimize promotion relevance.


Identify valuable customers and increase their lifetime value with automation.


Improve your operations in all steps of the customer connection cycle.

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Allow machine learning algorithms to sort content by daypart and personalised for each loyalty member based on demographics, weather and past activity such as receipts data, redemption history and app activity

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Unlock the value of your data with AI-powered solutions that continually learns, tunes and makes personalisation easy for you. A/B test that machine learning proves to deliver a more relevant experience for your loyalty members.

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Different, but equally great:


Subscriptions on products such as carwash and coffee make sure your customers come back more often and lets them skip the line 
– convenience style.


With points or stamps as your reward currency, add tiers and levels to engage and truly connect with your customers on a more emotional level.


With hundreds of game templates and gamified promotional mechanics, your customers will experience that being loyal to your stores is simply fun.

A lot happens in our universe

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