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Carlos Bonilla

General Manager

"At Liquid Barcodes I get all I need: new challenges everyday and an amazing team to face them; I'm just an ordinary manager with an extraordinary team!"

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Liquid Luis Manuel Montoro Marchal

Luis Manuel Montoro Marchal

DevOps Engineer

"In my IT journey I have visited many technologies, now with Liquid I have found a family with whom to continue my journey."

Miguel Regueira

Data scientist

"Liquid Barcodes is a good place to grow your professional career with great work-life balance. In the office there is a relaxed atmosphere and there is always something going on, like going out for lunch, cultural or sport events. Last month I organized a climbing experience to share my passion with my team mates!"

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Omar Arias Ruiz

Sales and Digital Marketing

"It might sound "cliche", but the best of Liquid Barcodes is most certainly its team. They have been very welcoming since the beginning. I also like Liquid’s commitment to a people-centered approach. You feel listened to, that your opinions are taken into account and you are free to explore your creativity and grow professionally."

Magda Newman

Customer Success Manager for the Americas and Canada

"I love the culture of Liquid Barcodes. The organization is driven and focused, but not at the expense of employees' well being. It is flexible, based on dialogue and learning. Lots of brain power!"

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x Ismael Garrido

Ismael Garrido Muñoz

Senior Software Developer

"Liquid is a very efficient small team - powerful and easy to understand tech architecture."

Madhava de la Ossa

Lead Project Manager

"I truly enjoy working with customers on every continent to drive solutions forward to success!"

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Alba Jiménez

Customer Operations Specialist

"My favourite part about working at Liquid Barcodes is the team! We are a small and close-knit team, we like to proactively look for the best solutions to the challenges we face on a daily basis and this is how we delight our customers!"

Elena Hermana

Business Analyst

"I enjoy the active way of working and thinking together and how I'm able to share knowledge with my team and learn lots of things about them."

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Liquid Barcodes Headquarter Office

Málaga, Spain

Team members work around the world, but the majority of Liquid Barcode employees work at the headquarter office in Spain!