Madhava de la Ossa

Lead Project Manager

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Madhava's Journey

I am an Aerospace Engineer and Certified Project Management Professional with more than seven years of experience, specializing in leading cross-functional teams. Before Liquid I worked more than five years in the aerospace industry.


As part of the Project & Apps team, I am responsible for the implementations of a variety of internal and customer projects using predictive (waterfall) and/or agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.).

Outside of Work

After work, I always dedicate some time to do sports and enjoy a good book. It really makes me happy and balances my day.


Travelling is my other passion and every year I try to discover a new culture and a new country!

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How Do You Take Your Coffee?

It’s always a good time to enjoy a espresso!

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Favorite Loyalty Program

Maxol and the possibility to always “Pay-at-the-Pump” with the app.

Best Thing About Living and Working in Málaga?

Málaga definitely has one of the best climates in Europe.


A city full of life and many theatres and museums if you enjoy culture, as I do.