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We believe the future of loyalty is B2B

Enable large-scale selling of your products via any company without stores. They will see your every-day-relevant rewards like a free coffee voucher as perfect for their customers.

How can Coupon Shop help your business grow?

Other companies - your B2B partners - can send a free coffee voucher to their customers or employees with the Coupon Shop. This allows them to surprise and delight, build loyalty and prevent churn. It is every-day relevant rewards that you can offer them as easy-to-use and impactful.

Tap into new customer traffic to your stores via any company without stores!


You have everyday relevant rewards!

Liquid Barcodes

How can Coupon Shop help you connect with your customers?

Liquid Barcodes
Liquid Barcodes


Your B2B partner may send a free coffee voucher to a consumer that is new to your brand

Liquid Barcodes


Its a great experience with your brand to redeem a voucher of a free product and receive a friendly smile!

Liquid Barcodes


You have every-day relevant rewards that are perfect for any company with customers or employees

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Narvesen Norway Next to Innovate

One of our favourite convenience store chains must be the Reitan Convenience, a retail group operating numerous respected brands and store formats that lead the market in every one of the seven countries they operate in. In Norway, Narvesen is their convenience brand that includes over 440 kiosks and 2,500 employees, with each store enjoying over […]

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Feature in Focus: Digital Coupon Shop

This episode of “Feature in Focus” from Liquid Barcodes introduces you to one of our latest enhancements to the Liquid Barcodes live loyalty platform – the digital coupon shop. The ideal way to sell “micro rewards” to your corporate customers for their staff or loyal customers. About Us: Liquid Barcodes is a leading global loyalty […]

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Surprise and Delight at Scale

Its not very often that new ideas come along that offer convenience retailers an innovative and scalable solution to surprise and delight their customers, so we were incredibly excited when our friends in The Reitan Group realised the extra-ordinary potential of our “coupon shop” to create a whole new product in a market that has […]

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Our shop is easy to set up and runs on your webpage inside an iframe container. Check out our demo shop.

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Create your coupon shop offers that you want to be available online for any B2B partner. Upload beautiful, branded coupon images that your partners and their customers will love to redeem in your stores. A free coffee, a free ice-cream, a free bottle of water. You name it!

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Liquid Barcodes
Liquid Barcodes


Deep-dive into insights on what B2B partners purchase, what volumes they purchase and what success they have with their customers in terms of redemption rates. Identify the most popular coupon shop offers, optimise volume discounts etc. Schedule automated reports to the right managers and teams in your organisation.

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Different, but equally great:

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Subscriptions on products such as carwash and coffee make sure your customers come back more often and lets them skip the line 
– convenience style.

Liquid Barcodes


With points or stamps as your reward currency, add tiers and levels to engage and truly connect with your customers on a more emotional level.

Liquid Barcodes


With hundreds of game templates and gamified promotional mechanics, your customers will experience that being loyal to your stores is simply fun.

Liquid Barcodes

A lot happens in our universe

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