Liquid Barcodes Products


With products that are easy to implement and easy to use, you’re sure to get your loyalty program off the ground.


What if the future of loyalty is convenient?

Subscriptions on products such as carwash and coffee make sure your customers come back more often and let them skip the line – convenience style.

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What if the future of loyalty is engaging?

With points or stamps as your reward currency, add tiers and levels to engage and truly connect with your customers on a more emotional level.

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What if the future of loyalty is fun?

With hundreds of game templates and gamified promotional mechanics, your customers will experience that being loyal to your stores is simply fun.

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Machine Learning

What if the future of loyalty is intelligent?

Build personalized customer connections, improve efficiency, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions with the help of machine learning.

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Coupon Shop

What if the future of loyalty is B2B?

With the coupon shop you can easily allow any company without stores send their customers a every-day relevant treat to pick up in your stores. Like a free coffee!

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