We believe the future of loyalty is convenient.

Subscriptions on products such as carwash and coffee make sure your customers come back more often and lets them skip the line – convenience style.

How can Subscription help your business grow?

Subscription ensures recurring revenue by recruiting returning, high-value customers for your convenience retail store. By buying a subscription to coffee or carwash, you make these regular purchases as convenient as possible for your customer.

When buying a monthly subscription in the app, your consumer can skip the line: Quick and easy – the ultimate convenience. This allows you to simplify your operation and handle peak hours more smoothly.

“We were excited about the potential of a subscription program but we knew we needed to work with real industry experts for it to be successful. Liquid Barcodes gave us the commercial guidance we needed as well as the powerful platform capabilities to run it effortlessly. We couldn’t be more delighted to be working with them.”

Ed van Etten

North America Car Wash Director and Accelerator at Circle K

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“Our customers are both clever and cost conscious. Our younger customers in particular love to feel they are getting a great deal and we knew that the idea of a quick and convenient “cashless coffee” was something they would love. With this exciting offer, they can skip the line and I’ve no doubt they will become our most loyal customers, coming to the store for their daily coffee, and perhaps picking up an extra treat too.”

Johanna Ambre

Head of Innovation and Marketing at Reitan Convenience, Estonia.

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How to wow

Three Cs for a 

Great foundation:

The Clear convenience in skipping the line and the Consistent subscription renewals makes for a Compelling loyalty program foundation.

Being brilliant:

Empowering the whole family to Engage in a multi-user subscription makes it Easy to build long-term super loyalty.

Offline 2 Online, 

Online 2 Offline:

With subscriptions, your customer gets the ultimate offline experience, contactless, quick and easy – with online communication on the app.

Types of subscription



How can Subscription help you connect with your customers?


Ultra-compelling value proposition for your most important customers.


Skip the line convenience style – the ultimate convenience.


Special subscriber-only offers and convenient auto-renewal of subscription.

Are you ready
to start the journey?

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Cool, Convenient & Cashless Coffee from R-Kiosk Estonia.

Estonia is a charming country of just over 1.3 million people in Northern Europe and is consistently rated one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world. By way of example, in 2005, it became the first nation in the world to allow its citizens to vote online! And it’s this level of “digital […]

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Couche-Tard Launches Subscription Car Wash Concept

Alimentation Couche‑Tard is a world leader in the convenience store and retail fuel industry, employing over 124,000 people across its network of almost 14,200 stores in 26 countries. While it’s best known internationally for its Circle K branded forecourts and stores, the company continues to operate under its original French name Couche-Tard in Quebec in […]

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Cool, Clean and Convenient

I truly love that feeling when my car is freshly washed and I drive out of the gas station feeling so proud of it, and it’s this sense of delight that is driving the extraordinary growth of the global car wash service market. And according to the “International Carwash Association“, more and more people are realising the […]

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Future of Loyalty: Carwash Subscription – the Ultimate Convenience


Unlimited carwash subscription app program

Circle K has become one the most widely recognized convenience store brands, known worldwide for quality products and great customer service. With more than 15.000 stores around the world, Circle K has chosen Liquid Barcodes’ technology to power their Carwash subscription app program. Having recently climbed to 183rd position on the prestigious Fortune Global 500 […]

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Driving Loyalty in Convenience Retail – Subscription Case Studies

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Sunshine’s Success with Subscriptions

Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, based in South Florida, was incredibly proud to rank in twentieth place on CSP’s 2020 ranking of leading convenience store retailers by store count in 2020, yet they are now even more delighted with the success of their car wash subscription program, which they launched just two months ago. As one of […]

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Espresso House

Espresso House is the third high profile coffee brand owned by JAB Holdings to launch a subscription service for caffeine loving consumers. Undoubtedly inspired by the spectacular success of the Panera Bread program, Espresso House is the fastest growing coffee shop brand in the Nordic region with over four hundred coffee shops in five countries; […]

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Pret Bets on Subscriptions

The word “unprecedented” has been voted as one of the most unpopular words of 2020 as Covid-challenged consumers struggle to make sense of the dramatic changes in lifestyle that affect us globally, but there’s no doubt that the hospitality sector is one of the worst affected and the damage is “unprecedented”. With a challenging road […]

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Human Needs and Subscription Services

This episode of “Lessons in Loyalty” discusses some background ideas that explore the psychology of human needs that can be solved by subscription services. About Us: Liquid Barcodes is a leading global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specialising in the convenience store and foodservice industries. Our proprietary cloud-based technology platform allow retailers to create […]

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Introduction to Subscription Loyalty

With an explosion of paid loyalty programmes around the world, this short video explains the principles of success and some great examples around the world we can copy with pride. About Us: Liquid Barcodes is a leading global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specialising in the convenience store and foodservice industries. Our proprietary cloud-based […]

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Subscribe and Save

As the world’s most valuable brand, any business strategy adopted by Amazon deserves our full attention, and while we’ve already reviewed Amazon Prime as its main loyalty solution, this is our first look at their “Subscribe & Save” strategy, which was launched in 2007, just two years after Prime. Regular readers will know, we are […]

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Subscribe and Save on Fuel

As one of the US’s largest fuel brands, it is exciting to see RaceTrac joining other respected market leaders such as Panera Bread, Coca Cola and Cumberland Farms as another leading retail brand leveraging the power of subscriptions to drive customer loyalty. And perhaps even more exciting that RaceTrac is the first retailer we’ve seen […]

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Principles of Subscription

Having previously written about the principles of success in loyalty programmes, we are noticing more and more convenience consumers needs being solved by subscription services, which perhaps explains the explosion of the model in recent years. These exciting ideas have led to writing this article to help explain the “principles of subscription” that we believe […]

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The Compelling Case for Coffee (Subscriptions)

As a professional writer with an insatiable appetite to learn new business insights, I get great satisfaction from brands who don’t just announce new products or projects – but also explain why! This is exactly the reason I have become such a fan of Panera Bread in recent months, since I wrote my first article […]


Create your subscription plans, define pricing and plan rebate tactics. Upload beautiful, branded art-work that your customers will love. Automate actions and customer communication to increase subscriber life-time value.

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Deep-dive into insights on recruitment, auto-renewals, subscriber engagement, usage and churn. Benchmark store performance and schedule reports to the right managers and teams in your organisation.

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Different, but equally great:


With points or stamps as your reward currency, add tiers and levels to engage and truly connect with your customers on a more emotional level.


With hundreds of game templates and gamified promotional mechanics, your customers will experience that being loyal to your stores is simply fun.

Machine Learning

Build personalized customer connections, improve efficiency, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions with the help of machine learning.

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