Elena Hermana

Business Analyst

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Elena's Journey

I studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Malaga and worked as a Business and Integration Arch Associate developing APIs.

Currently, I support the projects and apps team with clienty programs.

Outside of Work

When I have some free time, I usually spend it playing volleyball, travelling, and reading.

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How Do You Take Your Coffee?

I would say I’m more of a tea person…but I also enjoy having a cup of coffee with milk when I’m with friends or out of my house at an early hour. I like sweet coffee and, when its hot outside, I like to drink it with ice.

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Favorite Loyalty Programs

My favorite loyalty program are those for foodservice that we create. It is so easy to see how it can be applied in every place you normally visit and get a new perspective about how things can be done or improved for retailers.

Best Thing About Living and Working in Málaga?

My favorite thing is to take walks around the coast and be able to join people playing beach vollyball. It is so nice that sometimes you can even meet new friends and share healthy hobbies with them.