content via API

Liquid Barcodes API structure allows simple and automated operations.

Distribute, monitor and check your content history.


Issue Request

Using our coupon “API – IssueRequest” function, we can distribute your content for you.

Simply integrate your campaign landing page to the coupon API.

Consumers type their mobile number or email address to get a coupon, reward, survey or game. The request is sent from the landing page to Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform using the IssueRequest function. Our system then sends the coupon, reward, survey or game to the consumer via your preferred channel.

Alternatively, you can set up your CRM or reward system to trigger the same request.

Get Content Request

Using our “Coupon API – GetContent” function, you can distribute content yourself.

For example, your CRM system can send the request to our platform. It requires only a user reference and a campaign ID. The CRM system then receives a coupon, reward, survey or game object, ready to be distributed.

Event Api 

Using our “Coupon Event API” you can subscribe to status and events on your content.

Reports on Historic Information

Using our “Coupon API – GetReport” function, you can automatically download issues, validation and settlement raw data reports. You can request data reports via API (e.g. member profiles, coupon issues, redemptions, receipts etc.) and send these directly to your data warehouse, data analysis tool or CRM system.

Reporting data is available for download in CSV format as standard and scheduling reports to a given email distribution is also supported. Coupon events (e.g. redemptions) can be configured and published in XML and JSON formats to a client or partner’s defined endpoint and at an agreed frequency. Client-specific data feeds are also supported and these requirements are defined during project scoping.

Liquid Barcodes

Read more about our APIs and download documentation, test tools and much more on our knowledge base site.