Prepaid cards for specific products are popular with customers and easy to create within in your app.

The customer scans the card once in store to activate and pay, for example for five coffees. The unique prepaid card code now holds a rebate for the next five coffees. When the customer picks up a coffee she just scans the prepaid coupon to pay.


Prepaid card example from Narvesen

Prepaid card example from Narvesen: Buy five coffees for 60 NOK


The prepaid card can split the payment between a rebate and a tender, thereby correctly registering a reduced price purchase as required .

At every scan, the coupon changes to reflect how many products are left to use.

On activation, the expiry date can be changed to ensure the customer uses the card within a given time frame, otherwise she needs to top up again.


Prepaid card Shell/ 7-eleven

Prepaid card example from Shell/7-Eleven: Buy five carwash for 1049 NOK


Like all our features, “prepaid cards” are designed to be set up quickly and easily by your team on our self – service platform in your brand colours for maximum impact.

Try using our prepaid cards to bring another exciting brand experience and digital loyalty campaign to your customers.