loyalty marketing platform stores data

Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform stores data from many different sources and makes it available to you for analysis and to improve future campaigns as follow:


All of the information your customers have given you is stored on their profile.


Purchase patterns are the holy grail of customer insights.

With our loyalty marketing platform, you can match receipts with your member’s profiles, which provides a rich understanding of your customers buying patterns and preferences.

Digital receipts can be stored for all registered customers. After each transaction, they can be sent to our marketing database manually or even automatically.

These stored receipts can, for example, be used for rewarding certain transactions, such as issuing coupons or stamps, or simply for deeper analysis and customer insights for future campaigns.


We record exactly which coupons have been used in store, and when and where they were redeemed.

Campaigns Issued

Our loyalty marketing platform also captures a list of all content issued for each user.


You can review which games each user has played and what was the result.

Traffic Patterns

You can use beacons and wifi networks in store to capture information about customer’s visits and their movements in store, and this data can be stored and analysed through our marketing platform. These insights provide invaluable information about customers traffic patterns and movements in and around your store.

Third Party Data Sources 

With your permission, we can source useful public information from third party sources to get a deeper understanding of your business patterns, for example, weather data can give deeper insight on sales of products in key seasons such as increased sales of soup in winter or ice-cream in summer.