Why not encourage your users to become brand advocates and allow them to feel generous at the same time.

Simply send your users a unique “share & care” coupon that they can’t use themselves until after they have enjoyed the gift of giving by sharing a coupon with their friends and family.

They simply send these “share & care” coupons directly to their friends – app-to-app.

Their name is stamped on the coupon so that their friends can see who gifted them the coupon they received. Only after that friend has used her coupon, the sender then gets a reward.

The more they share (care), the more they are rewarded.



share & care coupon

“Share and Care” example from K Kiosk: Send your coupon to a friend. You will receive a coupon when your friend uses the coupon you sent.


k kiosk app

This mechanic powers your app to become more social and interactive.

Your active users becomes advocates for your brand and help keep other users active.

It is a simple way to reward your most active users for activity you want to encourage, and build positive brand value at the same time.

Buy a Gift to Give a Friend

You can also use the “share & care” feature as a follow up reward.

For example during the summer season you can make it easy for your app users to give a free ice-cream to a friend. Create a multi-use coupon in the app which your users can use all summer. Every time this coupon is scanned in-store the app user pays the normal price for an ice-cream, or you can also give a discount if you prefer. Once scanned and paid, the app user receives a follow-up reward, which is the “share & care” coupon.

The free ice-cream can then be shared with friends and family, app-to-app. Everyone wins!

Like all our features, “Share & Care” campaigns are designed to be set up quickly and easily by your team on our self – service platform, in your brand colours for maximum impact.

Try the “Share & Care” feature to bring another exciting brand experience and digital loyalty campaign to your customers.

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k kiosk goes digital with engaging share and care app program