Buying Your Car Wash Subscription

The purchase of a subscription through Carwash Company app gives your customers the possibility to wash their car once per day.

Purchase subscription CarWash Company

From the Home page of the app, the customer can go into the Shop section to find a subscription plan of choice and click “BUY” to purchase. After confirming the price (monthly auto-renewal price is also informed about), the purchase is completed and the user is leaded to the Wash section to use the subscription plan. The receipt of the purchase can be found under More – My page – Receipts.

When having an active subscription plan, customer can simply click on “Get wash code” in the Wash section. It is necessary to be nearby to a real location to use it (it is controlled by store locator and set by a radius). After confirming the store name and that the subscriber is requesting wash code for the car registered, the wash code is presented for being input on the wash machine.

Wash section

If the subscription plan has one wash per day as limit, the next time the user clicks on the “Get wash code” button, the notification “Only one wash code per day” will be sent to the user.

If the wash machine can support direct activation via app, then this process can be further automated. Example below shows how the customer can choose between staying inside/outside car while wash.

Carwash Subscription programs

Wach the following video to know more abour apss based on Carwash Subscription programs!

                     CarWash Subscription – Liquid Barcodes

If you need more information about Subscription on Carwash, please download our PDF documentation.


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