loyalty marketing platform


As the world’s leading loyalty marketing platform for the convenience retail industry, we can help you create a points-based program where your customers can earn points, check their balance and of course spend those points to claim their rewards.

Earn Points

Many loyalty programmes and industries use points as their currency due to their flexibility and power to drive desired consumer behaviours.

You can build a points based program in a number of ways, for example:

  • Where customers earn points by purchasing specific products like fuel, carwash or food. You can also design the program so that customers earn a base level points one every purchase, but gets extra/double or triple points by buying selected products of your choice.
  • You can design a rewards program where the customer earn points per $ spent. This is the most common approach. It’s important to keep it simple to understand what the conversion is from $ spend to points, and what the value of a point is, and how these can be used once they reach certain levels. If the customer earns points on a total amount spent, it’s important to exclude the amount spent on “banned” products (e.g. tobacco, alcohol etc) which will not give points.
  • You can also design a rewards program where the customer earns points per visit.
  • Finally, you can design a rewards program where the customer earn points by activity. The activities can be things like prepaid card top-up, purchases, in-app activity, completing profile surveys or playing games.



PurposeEarn points examples
By purchaseDrive total spend€ 1 = 1 point
Drive visits 1 visit = 1 point
Drive category (e.g. healthy options)1 healthy product = 1 point
Double/triple points -
get multiplier effect on specific category
Drive products (e.g. new products)1 new product = 1 point
Double/triple points -
get multiplier effect on specific product
By activityDrive recruit-a-friend1 point per successful referral
Drive shared coupons1 point per share
Drive app engagementWin 1, 5 or 10 points in games
Drive survey completeness1 point for completing a survey


Using Points for Rewards

We recommend using points as the currency in your shop in your app. This gives you a wide variety of spending options, while maintaining a high degree of margin control on point spending.

Our loyalty marketing platform also supports sending points to another app user or donating points to charity organisations that you choose.

Donating points to charity can be marketed in many ways. For example, one point can be worth €1 and the consumer can donate 10 points – €10. A possible alternative is that the retailer matches the donations of their customers.



User experienceUse points examples
Purchase using points in-storeAll points are cash points. I use points to pay for any merchandise in-store. 1 point equal €1
Purchase using points in app shopProducts in the in-app shop priced by points.Purchase 1 coffee for 10 points, 5 coffees for 40 points.
Use your cash points in the in-app shop to get better deals than in-storeCoffee costs €2.50 in-store, and 2 cash points in app
Use points to play in appSimple, engaging games can be purchased by using points in the in-app shop Buy game for 1 point - chance to win up to 100 points or buy this week´s game for 5 points – new chance to win each day this week
Play your points in the monthly lottery game – available until end of each monthA lottery ticket is purchased for 100 points – buy as many as you´d like. Win the big prize or smaller treats.
Give away or donate your pointsGive your points to friends or family Transfer 100 points from your balance to your son´s balance.
Donate your points to charity Use 100 points and retailer will transfer € 10 to charity X.