Many loyalty programmes use a combination of mechanics to track and reward their most loyal customers, and using different TIERS is one of the best ways to instantly identify them.

Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform can be set up to define your customer tier status levels any way you choose, such as by how many points they’ve earned, how much they have spent or even by tracking the most frequent visitors to your store.

With your direct access to the loyalty campaign dashboard, your team can decide how many tiers of customers you want to create, what behaviours will be tracked and rewarded in order to progress through these tiers, as well as create customised content if required for each tier level you’ve defined.

Our loyalty points engine can recognise and reward any desirable behaviours, such as referring your store or loyalty programme to their friends, sharing your marketing offers and campaigns, completing a survey, buying specific products or even using certain product coupons. These can be set as ongoing promotions, or used during shorter periods if you prefer. You can even award tier status as a prize in one of your programme’s games.

Program Tiers
SilverSpend threshold 20
Points threshold 20
Visits threshold 20
Earn 200% bonus points
BronzeSpend threshold 5
Points threshold 5
Visits threshold 5
Earn 100% bonus points
BasicSpend threshold 0
Points threshold 0
Visits threshold 0
Earn 0% bonus points

Tiers can be defined by conditions and members can earn bonus points

Benefits of Using Tiers to Drive Loyalty

One you’ve decided how many tiers you want to use to classify your customers (for example bronze, silver and gold), and you have agreed what behaviours you want to encourage, you can set the campaign up in the platform including the relevant business rules and receive daily management updates by email from our Tableau reporting tool.

Tiers are often used to invite top customers to exclusive offers or events where space is limited and because they convey a sense of exclusivity, they are a great way to build emotional loyalty with your customers, which is an essential part of any contemporary loyalty programme.

Tiers really help your customers feel more like members of a community than simply a company tracking transactions in order to issue occasional rewards.

How many tier should my loyalty program have?

We recommend that you keep a clear, compelling and consistent foundation for your program. Many successful loyalty programs are sucessful because they are simple. Separating between members (basic) and your best members (gold) is often simple and powerful.