Create Your Own Graphs 

Our loyalty marketing platform features a personalised dashboard where you can create and view your key performance metrics in graph form. It is easy to create these graphs which are created in real time with live information, so you are always completely up to date on your latest data.

At any time, you can check the performance of your promotional campaigns in terms of offers being issued and redeemed over any time period.

Graphical reports can be accessed through the dashboard and the graphs can be easily downloaded as image files for your presentations.

With the benefit of real-time data, you can monitor and adapt campaigns at any time, armed with the latest knowledge on what’s working and how your customers are behaving.

One Page Campaign Reports

We have created a single page of key campaign reports to give you a quick view on key campaign performance at any time.

For more detailed analysis, please refer to our advanced analysis options, and for regular reporting, please see our management reports solution.