One of our most popular features is the ability for your members to share their coupons with their friends and family.

Coupons can be shared using the share function in our App API.

You choose whether customers should give away their own coupon or can even give a new coupon to their friends and family.

App-To-App, SMS, email, Messenger, Whatsapp? They’re all supported.

Sharing coupons can be done app-to-app, via SMS or any other channel (e-mail, Messenger, Whatsapp), depending on the app implementation.

Sharing app-to-app is of course only available between registered members and we recommend using this approach as your default channel, with other options less prominent.

Sharing with unregistered users can be effective way to attract new members.

Our Share and Care coupon feature lets you put even more emphasis on sharing.

Sharing Options:

Typically, customers must give away their coupon for deep discount campaigns, but can give a new coupon on ordinary discount coupons. Or you can choose that particular coupons cannot be shared at all.

This is a setting you control when you create each new campaign through our dashboard.


Combine coupon sharing with our shopping feature to make it possible for users to send gifts to friends and family.