Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform includes powerful functionality to respond to queries from any member of your loyalty programme and allows your team to immediately sort out any problems they experience.

The “user support” module allows qualified staff to securely access customer’s individual information and their complete history with your programme with their permission. This ensures your team have the information they need to identify and resolve any customer issues quickly and easily, whilst also ensuring your customer’s data is securely managed and follows global best practise guidelines.

Platform Functionality

  1. The user support module allows designated staff access to the complete user profile for every member of your programme, including their registration date, birthday, phone number, local store and other registered information. Members details can be found using any information they have provided – usually their phone number or email address.

Platform Functionality

2. Your team can search for and view the current app content, live status and event history for a specific customer’s account, including their recent coupon use, when they joined the programme, what coupons they’ve shared and also their purchase receipts. It even allows you to view the push messages and SMS’s they’ve been sent so you know what campaigns they have seen.

app content

3. You can view the full event history for any offer, reward or coupon code. If a customer is experiencing problems with any coupon code or game, your team can simply cancel the previously issued code (to prevent further use), then send or re-send the coupon, game or survey. You can even immediately add any missing stamps to their stamp card.

The programme database records a full audit trail of what actions have been taken, for what members, and by whom, which prevents the risk of coupon abuse or staff fraud.

programme database

With our “user support” module, your team have direct access to your customer or campaign data, allowing them to instantly resolve any member issues that arise.

Our team also continually support your team members with any ongoing technical and operational support they may need.