Physical gift cards

Physical gift cards, loyalty cards and prepaid cards are great because it’s so easy to on-board customers. They simply pick up the card and they’re ready to go.

However, these physical cards limit your communication opportunities out of store.

Offline to Online Strategy

Circle K and Coca-Cola example:

Customers buy a Coca-Cola product and get a printed voucher with a unique code.

On the printed voucher is a simple URL: “”.

This landing page was set up as a webapp that allowed the user to register and the unique code to be validated. Once validated the customer received a digital “wheel of fortune” game in the app to “spin & win”!


Circle K and Coca-Cola example

Circle K and Coca-Cola example

Circle K and Coca-Cola

Scan to Go Digital

You can also reward customers who transfer their physical cards into your app. Customers simply scan the physical card with their app, and we transfer the balance together with any rewards you’re offering for customers who join your digital community.

Simultaneously, we delete the balance on the physical gift card.

The user’s phone and the app simply need scanning capability so that the physical gift card can be scanned and the balance transferred to the app.