These colourful images show a great example of our popping balloon game which customers love to play.

Like our other games, they are usually designed to be played once a day for your chosen campaign period – for example every day for two weeks.

Once they get started, your users will love playing, so they return to your app each day without you needing to remind them, creating daily engagement with your brand – right in the palm of their hand.

You control the probability to win and manage the number of available prizes, including the option to offer some lucky players a consolation prize if they don’t win.

This game format even includes a fun “icon to avoid” and if players get this icon, it’s game over!

Use the game to give away free treats, rewards and discount coupons as prizes to drive traffic in to your store.

If you want to capture customer data throughout your campaign, for example their name, address, e-mail address etc, you can also use our survey function, so both you and your customers enjoy a closer connection as they play and you learn.

As a lower cost alternative, you can even use stamps on a stamp card as prizes, or double-stamps or triple-stamps.

And for the ultimate flexibility and enjoyment for your lucky winners, you can even allow them to choose exactly whatever prize they prefer from your range of options, using the principles of engagement, fun and flexibility to drive customer loyalty all year round.

Like all our games, ‘Popping Balloons’ is designed to be set up quickly and easily by your team on our self-service platform, in your brand colours for maximum impact.



Click any image below to play a demonstration game yourself, or simply scan the QR code using your iPhone.

We will automatically send you an SMS with your demonstration game.

Enjoy Playing!



This concept requires multiple images and descriptions. To ensure the best possible customer experience, please consult our campaign operations guide before creating your campaign.


Popping balloons games can be used to engage customers on mobile. Get inspired by different cases from our customers!