digital marketing

Use the power of segmentation in your digital marketing. Build loyalty by understanding your customers.

Personalisation in messages and offers leads to better conversion rates. Use your customer insights or allow your customers themselves to personalise their app content. Better conversion rates mean better customer experience. Better customer experience means higher lifetime value. It’s a virtuous circle that keeps building and benefitting both customers and brands.

Retailers can personalise their campaigns in multiple ways with our loyalty marketing platform.

Targeted, personalised rewards and promotions can be achieved by segmenting customer groups, creating customer lists (imported in to the platform), using segments created by your CRM system via our API integration or simply by member data, past campaign results and their activity levels in your app.

Use the Liquid Barcodes loyalty platform to send relevant individual/grouped promotions and to reward your best customers. Send individual/group promotions to drive target consumers to visit more frequently or to spend more each time.

Customer Groups

Customer groups and their needs can be defined differently by different retailers. However, we have learned that some customer groups are universally interesting for convenience retailers to work with. For example students, commuters or employees.

With Liquid Barcodes platform, you can assign customers to groups in three ways.

Customer Controlled 

You can allow app users to decide which groups they belong to themselves in your app. Customer can change their group freely. For example, allow them to join the student group to make it easy for them to register as students and see student deals.

Customer Controlled with Code

You can decide that customers must enter a code to join a customer group. For example, the retailer can choose to check for student identification once in store and issue a code that the customer uses to opt in to the student group, thereby removing the need for future ID checks. The code can also be issued automatically on purchase of a specific product.

Groups with code sign up can also be used for employee programs where employees receive codes to sign up to the employee group.

Product Profiles

Purchase of a specific product can automatically allocate the customer to a specific group, for example a parent’s group for members who’ve purchased baby products in store.

Rich Member Profile

The retailer can choose to use rich member profile data and segmentation tools to automatically allocate customers into groups. For example using demographic data, purchase frequency or customer value.


When you send coupons, games and surveys from our platform, you can create custom segments per campaign based on previous actions in store, eg. coupon redemptions, purchases or receipts.