“Hurry” is a gaming concept that taps in to customer’s fear of missing out (FOMO).

You can dramatically increase app activity by sending out an attractive offer of completely free products – but limited so that only a certain number are available throughout the store network. The game includes a live status countdown, so customers rush to your stores to claim their free treat before they miss out.

You simply send your user base a unique, single-use coupon each, and set up the campaign rules to include a maximum number of in-store redemptions.

Your campaign communications should clearly make sure customers know that only 500 available in-store redemptions, and our app technology will show them a reducing total of how many are left to claim. They are excited and inspired to rush to your store to claim theirs.

"Hurry" campaign example from Narvesen

“Hurry” campaign example from Narvesen


Only the first 500 app-users who try to redeem a free-product coupon will be successful.

When there are no remaining coupons the campaign disappears from all user’s apps.

Like all our games, “hurry” is designed to be set up quickly and easily by your team on our self-service platform, in your brand colours for maximum impact.

Try “hurry” to bring another exciting brand experience and digital loyalty campaign to your customers.