Master Consents 

The primary reason that we process data is based on end user consents. Consents are required for most customer programs and Liquid Barcodes has an advanced system for handling these effectively. Master consents are the main permissions supporting your customer program that allow you to communicate with your customers over time and they ensure you comply with GDPR regulations.

Our master consent database stores information about when consent was given, updated and withdrawn for every user. We can also store information about the consent text that was accepted. We ensure that users that have withdrawn their consent do not receive communication from you.

Consents can be gathered in many different ways, for example through your app, by SMS or through web surveys. It is vital that the process to consent is active, ie. the individual must perform an action to opt in to the program and clearly accept the conditions.

Consent texts must be clear and easy to understand, so we support this with suggested text examples and advice on best practice.

Individual consent can be withdrawn at any time on our website through the page simply called ‘My page’. This ensures that it is as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it, a requirement of the GDPR.

Granularity of Consent

GDPR legislation requires explicit consent for some operations on an individual’s data. Those most relevant for loyalty marketing programs are “profiling”, “automated decision making”, “geo location” and “parental consent”. These consents can be managed in detail on our personal access page called ‘My page’.

With regards to parental consent, we advise our clients not to market directly to children by setting a minimum age requirement for program members.

Additionally, Liquid Barcodes allows your customers to filter the communication they receive by channel. For example, users can opt out of SMS and email marketing while continuing to receive your programme communications through your app.

Campaign Consents:

Permission is required for most customer loyalty programs and here in Liquid Barcodes we offer an advanced system for handling this. Campaign consents are required for specific campaigns that give you the right to communicate with your customers.

Our campaign consent database stores information about when consent was given, updated and/or withdrawn for every user.

Our consent handling is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect in May 2018, ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to your marketing communications.


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