Whether you run a franchise or company operated operation, our tailored dashboard of relevant information for each store is extremely useful to help your team manage and localise their digital couponing and rewards.

The ability to create coupons and campaigns for individual stores is useful in many ways, it minimises wastage on fresh products, it enables trials of new products in selected stores before you scale, and creates a direct communications channel to customers to clear out the last remaining products after a campaign ends. Most importantly, the store dashboard empowers your managers to drive their business and marketing activities locally, giving them the tools they need to drive their business in a smart and efficient way. Whether it’s creating ways to recognise and reward your best customers even better than your occasional visitors, every store manager wants the power to execute great offers at the right time to the right people. Our loyalty marketing platform does exactly that.

Creating Local Marketing Campaigns

Liquid Barcodes platform creates a unique and localised dashboard so that each store manager has full transparency on how his/her store is performing versus the other stores in your network. This allows them to understand their local customers, manage local campaigns and drive the performance of central campaigns to their optimum potential.

With a simple three step process, managers can create and launch new campaigns that are available to local customers only. The coupons are sent to the app or via SMS and the unique codes that are generated by our platform are locked to that store’s point of sale. They simply cannot be used in any other store.

Each campaign can be financed by the retailer, or even by your supplier brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi or RedBull. It can even be assigned to franchisees. It is up to every franchisee how active they want to be on local marketing, but great franchisees see this as a great opportunity to drive their businesses as their digital customer base grows.

Local Customers 

The Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform allows each of your customers to be automatically assigned to their local store(s). You decide which algorithm to use and with what time-frame. Our platform can allocate them by where they shop the most, everywhere they shop or we can simply allow them to choose their preferred store in the app.

Convenience retail is essentially local and to be successful you depend on your store managers who meet your customers every day. They are instrumental in recruiting new app users, so if they feel empowered and have the necessary tools they will make a big difference to the power of your overall loyalty programme.

Monitoring their performance, benchmarking stores within the area, and running competitions are also important to drive consistent campaigns and behaviours. By measuring your stores and providing powerful information on how they are performing, they will focus on growing their base. And by growing their base, they grow your base!

Local Coupons 

Our platform allows store managers to send local coupons to local customers through the local dashboard. These coupons are sent only to those customers assigned to the store using one of the approaches mentioned above. More importantly, each local coupon can only be redeemed in the issuing store as the coupon code is assigned exclusively to that store.

In addition to this local access, your centralised marketing and category teams can create coupons and make them available for store managers, supporting them with suitable products, available price points and high quality graphics. This gives your marketing team great control on quality communications and also reduces the work on local managers.

Local Happy Hour

Traffic patterns are often very different from store to store. Some stores have low traffic when other stores have peak hours. Some are lunch destinations while others peak hours in the morning and afternoon because their customer base is primarily commuters to work or school.

Our local dashboard lets your store managers distribute unique coupons to their local customers and if they schedule ‘happy hours” the coupon will change graphics and the conditions that apply at specific times.

Happy hour coupons can be valid for a longer period and automatically switch on or off during the specific happy hour periods your local manager chooses. The coupons can be valid for a lengthy time period e.g. for 3 months and throughout the campaign duration, your coupon graphics conditions and the unique code rules change during the happy hour (active campaign) or not.

Local Hurry

This game-inspired concept is a great way to increase your app activity.

Customers receive a great offer, with a limited number of available products and the app shows a live status count down on how many are left available! Engaged customers rush to your stores to use the offer before it runs out – its great fun and highly effective, and drives great word of mouth marketing for your brand also.

You simply allow your store managers to distribute unique, single-use coupons to their local app-users with a limit on in-store redemptions. With “local hurry”, the campaign communications clearly mention the time-limited offer, e.g. only 50 available in-store redemptions, so it’s an effective way to clear campaign products after a campaign ends and stock levels vary by store.

Only the first x app-users to redeem their coupon will be able to claim the offer. In the app, we feature a real-time count-down for all app-users showing how many remaining coupons there are – right now!

So the message is “hurry up – you can only redeem once, but you need to do it before it is too late”.

When there are no remaining coupons, the campaign disappears from all user’s apps.

Liquid Barcodes

Digital unlocks new possibilities to empower store managers to drive traffic to their store at Shell/7-Eleven


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