Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform allows you to import 3rd party codes via our dashboard. This can be relevant in various ways.

For example, your games may have different internal prizes like free coffee, discounts on soft drinks and ice-creams which all will use Liquid Barcode’s unique codes, but in addition you can import codes such as cinema tickets, HBO codes, UBER vouchers or codes from any online retailer, which can add great excitement and novelty to your game.

If you are an aggregator, it extremely useful to have only one technical back-end partner such as Liquid Barcodes where any codes can be distributed through the same API integration.

Example: k kiosk in Switzerland imported third party codes from online to drive app users to a digital campaign based on a landing page

import codes

Example: HOLD UK imports third party codes from physical stores such as Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee, VUE cinemas as well as online stores such as Amazon.

HOLD UK imports third party codes