define regions for sets of stores

Liquid Barcodes digital loyalty platform allows you to define regions for sets of stores.

A “region” is basically a tag on a store. One store can be part of multiple regions. Regions may be brand names (e.g. 7-Eleven vs. Shell/7-Eleven), geographical areas, format clusters, channel of trade or other organisational clusters (e.g. to match region and district managers).

Dashboard Access 

Region/District Managers can be given dashboard access to a set of stores (their region), where they can easily log in and access the stores under his/her responsibility.

Regions Ensure Relevant Content

You may have multiple different offers available across your network of stores, based on clusters (city, high-way, shopping malls, metros), brands/sub-brands or geography. It’s also likely that you have products and categories you are piloting in specific stores.

Region tags also allow you to set up local coupons/stamp cards that local merchants can schedule into your app (or via SMS/e-mail) from their local dashboard. This allows that each store manager only sees whats relevant to her/him.

For example, if a new sandwich is being piloted in specific stores, it is important for ONLY those store managers to be able to promote these with local coupons offers, but it would create noise and distraction for the remaining 500 store managers to see these coupons in their dashboard.

Similarly you may have half your network on one coffee brand and the other half on a different brand, or some of your stores with specific services such as car washing and the rest of the stores without.

Distribution of Coupons

Coupons can be distributed to one specific region or several. In the dashboard, central campaigns can be distributed but limited to defined regions. This means that the campaign goes out only to the customers that belong to the local stores in the designated region.

Coupon Redemptions

Redemptions can also be locked to specific regions. Each unique code is set up for redemption only in stores that are included in the region.

It’s important of course to ensure consumers are clear where they can redeem if there is a limitation in place. The Liquid Barcodes API supports the use of a store list for redemption (per campaign) which can be presented in a map or list view in the app.