Data Collection

Comprehensive analytics help you learn about your customers. Our advanced marketing campaign engine makes that information easily accessible, so you can personalise promotions and more effectively engage your customer base.

We track every customer’s engagement with every potential offer and every purchase event, helping you and your supplier brands understand each campaign’s performance and how to effectively influence buying habits.

We can even configure our platform to share key behavioural data with your internal customer analysis systems via APIs on a scheduled basis.


Our loyalty marketing platform boasts a powerful data warehouse and we’ve added the world’s leading data analysis software, Tableau, on top. This allows you to easily do advanced analysis on your data in a web based user interface or in a desktop environment.

Whether you need specific one-off analysis on a specific areas or extra information and insights on a regular basis, our platform offers a simple interface to create and manage custom dashboards to meet your exact requirements.

With Tableau enabled, you can also create management reports and schedule automatic distribution to your team by email.