Employee Communications 

Use your Consumer App for Employee Communications 

Once you’ve invested in a clever and customised app, it makes sense to use it internally with employees as well as with your consumers. Staff incentive schemes can generate employee loyalty.

Use your branded consumer app to offer your employees great deals. This allows you to control distribution, understand which offers they enjoy from the analytics, and also ensures your employees are active users of your consumer app. That ensures they actively promote and support your customers to the app, acting as ambassadors who are only too happy to help customers download, register and use your app.

The best approach is to make consumer offers even more rewarding for staff. For example, if you are running every 6th soft drink free for customers you may want to consider every 5th or every 4th free for your own employees.

The platform also reduces fraud through staff discounts as it uses the same secure redemption process developed by Liquid Barcodes for our clients worldwide.

Staff Enrolment

To use the consumer app for employee communication, staff must be registered as employees in the app. This can be done easily and securely using Liquid Barcodes groups functionality. Create an ‘Employee’ group that requires a code to sign up.

The codes are issued by our loyalty marketing platform and can be static, specific per store or one time codes issued to employees on a regular basis. Periodic renewal can also be managed.

When you use the consumer app for employee communication, it becomes a closer connection to your employees which needs to be carefully managed with their full permission. With careful consideration, you can make decisions about whether registration should be voluntary or required and ensure a fair usage policy applies also.

Campaign Example:

Let’s imagine that you are about to launch a new product in your stores from one of your supplier brand partners, or maybe you are about to launch a new private label product.

For the best launch campaign, it’s highly effective to invite and allow your employees to taste and enjoy the product so they become advocates for the campaign in the critical launch period. What could be better!?

To achieve this, you simply distribute single-use unique coupons in your app to your employee segment only. Closed loop employee sampling can and should be done before any major product launch.