Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform supports all major coupon and code distribution channels so that you have the freedom and flexibility to market effectively to your customers in a way they welcome.

Within the App:

As a marketing channel, your app represents the richest user experience. The app allows you to run all Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing mechanics to promote, reward and engage your customers.

Your existing app can be improved and linked to content from the Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform. We offer an API for your app developers to integrate with.

If you do not have an app, we can introduce you to app developers we recommend and who already have developed technical integrations to our platform. As Liquid Barcodes, we focus on developing our loyalty marketing platform and we do not develop retailer apps ourselves.

A key driver for a successful app program is to ensure you have a clear and compelling value proposition that consumers download and keep your app on their phone. Our loyalty marketing content and features create an engaging proposition because it allows you to offer great rewards with complete security. Make sure to clearly communicate that by downloading the app the users will receive instant rewards for signing-up and get access to deep discounts, a great rewards program featuring lots of engaging content.


Most of our loyalty marketing concepts can be delivered by SMS to your registered SMS customers. SMS texts delivered to your customers can include a link to a unique coupon, a survey or even a game.

As a marketing channel, SMS is an easy way to share coupons, surveys and games. By linking to mobile web content such as games and surveys, you can create a rich user experience.

SMS can be triggered by texting a keyword or by creating a missed call.

Your campaign web site or portal can be integrated with our coupon API to trigger the Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform to send any SMS to a particular consumer.

You can send a generic SMS or personalise each one with information from your CRM system. They can be issued either with or without promotional incentives to your customers.

By combining push and pull mechanics, including keywords, short codes and missed calls, you can create a rich one-to-one dialogue with your customers.



All of our loyalty marketing content (whether to “Promote, Reward or Engage”) can be distributed by email.

For example, you can include a unique coupon in an email, or update your customer on their loyalty card status. Some retailers send out surveys, games or links for customers to select their preferred prize. No matter what content you want to distribute, email can be used.

The visual content of an email is html code, so you have full flexibility on design. However, we recommend you use a branded template as the quickest and easiest way to send marketing email campaigns.

Use email campaigns to distribute offers directly to customers or as a way to drive traffic to your owned channels (eg. your app).

Email content can be copied to their wallet on iOs devices by the click of a button.

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp 

All of our loyalty marketing concepts can be delivered directly into messenger apps using bots and the “GetContent” function of our coupon API.


Print coupons can be effective as the barrier to use is low, so the usage opportunities are plentiful. You can run multiple print mechanics within the ‘promote’ and ‘reward’ categories and features.

Single-use coupons can be used for free product for sampling, and discount coupons can be distributed inside or outside your stores.

Multi-use coupons mean discount coupons that are valid for the entire campaign period. They can be designed with advanced functionality such as when the first redemption awards a small discount, which then creates a deeper discount – either a single – or multi-use coupon.

Trigger coupon are “scan to produce receipt” coupons redeemable only in local stores. Scan to produce ”guarantee” codes are redeemed in local stores.

Stamp cards: Every Xth is free. Level-based stamp cards offer greater flexibility such as bronze tier offering: Every xth free – n rounds, Silver tier : Every yth free – n rounds, Gold: Every zth free.

Prepaid cards: Purchase five products for the price of four. Customers typically pay up-front, then simply scan their card on their next four visits.


Coupon on receipt can be sales receipt based or ”trigger product” based and codes can be sent by Liquid Barcodes platform. Receipt coupons are easy to use and can facilitate a great customer experience as the employee hands over the coupon to the customer as a treat and invites them to visit again soon.

Sales receipt-based: Your campaign rules can be defined by 1) transaction size 2) transaction items 3) time-of-day/week 4) combinations of these three rules creates a coupon on receipt with x hours/days to redeem.

”Trigger product” based: Every drink purchased triggers a coupon on receipt such as soda bottle half price, valid 24 hours. Retailers can sell this mechanic to brands (in-store collateral or using the space on the receipts).

Triggered by Liquid Barcodes’ codes: At every scan of stamp card on coffee, print a coupon on receipt with half price coffee, valid for 6 hours.


Liquid Barcodes´ loyalty marketing platform offers many ways to promote, reward and engage customers. These can be delivered directly into web pages as long as a user is identified with a persistent unique identifier. The web page uses the app API to call the content in the same way that apps do.

Below are some examples of web apps (from Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing fast-track product).


Demo campaigns:

Click any image below to play a demonstration game yourself, or simply scan the QR code using your iPhone.

We will automatically send you an SMS with your demonstration game.

If you play all the games today, please return tomorrow and you will be able to play them again. They re-fresh daily. 

Enjoy Playing!

Fresh app

Smoothie app

Demo campaigns

Liquid Barcodes

See how Reitan Convenience, one of Europe's leading convenience retailers, use apps to engage millennials.


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