Simplicity For Success



When it is quick and easy for customers to join your programme, more will sign up. Make sure it is easy to register. It may be the most important decision you make.

Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform has been designed with this essential approach in mind. We make it very easy to recruit because you can gather information in multiple steps. Therefore, you can keep the required information to a minimum initially, and ask customers to add more over time.

Our loyalty marketing software platform can use any customer ID for registration, but in our experience, the mobile phone number is simply the best. For most customers, their phone number is a long-term identifier they protect and value and it’s therefore less vulnerable to fraud.

Using the phone number also helps them recruit their friends because users have their numbers stored, allowing us to easily check whether a particular friend’s phone number is already registered. Phone numbers also make it easy to connect your app to external supplier brands marketing efforts so they can help you recruit to your program.

New number? No problem. You can update the new phone number to the existing user profile in our user support tool.

Building Your Data:

Our activation module is designed to be sent automatically to app users after registration to capture more customer data like e-mail address, gender and age. This supplements the device ID and operating system which is always automatically captured at registration.

Other data that can be useful to capture includes the member’s social media profile(s) as well as the payment card typically used.

Finally, if another software system holds the master identification of the customer, Liquid Barcodes marketing platform can use any CRM ID provided as the unique identifier.