Manual Couponing Solution:

Manual Couponing Solution

Our simplest couponing solution is based on a redemption process that happens entirely on the consumers mobile phone, either in an app or in a browser.

This means that the marketing loop is closed and controlled at the consumer level, just not on the transaction or store level.

This solution includes advanced distribution capabilities as well as full control of usage by customers, as single-use coupons can only ever be used once. By pressing the “redeem now” button on any coupon, the code is immediately invalidated and cannot be used again. The customer’s coupon image even changes to show clearly that it has been used.

You have the ability to control distribution to ensure each consumer only gets your offer once and that they can only use it once.



For many retailers it simplifies the process in-store if an EAN13-code or PLU code can be scanned.

You simply place this (generic/non-unique) EAN13 code on the image shown to the customer after they press the “redeem” button.

The image can include instructions to the store and will have a 60 second countdown to be used.

Coffee with PLU


Test it out yourself with this demonstration coupon campaign:


demonstration coupon campaign

Once customers have redeemed an offer, the platform can also trigger a next step action – for example a new coupon with x days to redeem, a survey or a game.

However, as this manual solution does not offer control of your marketing campaigns at the store level, for more advanced marketing campaigns, we recommend using our merchant app or our POS-integrated solution.

See below for our infographic on the benefits of our in-store options:

infographic on the benefits of our in-store options

Liquid Barcodes

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