Merchant App Redemption Option:


Liquid Barcodes loyalty marketing platform offers a “merchant app” for redeeming coupons in your stores.

This is a low barrier solution for closing the marketing loop in-store. It’s an easy alternative to POS integration with no IT-project required.

Coupons are redeemed by typing in the coupon code which is fast and easy in store.

The merchant app can run on the merchant’s own mobile phone or on a mobile device mounted at the point of sale.

Merchants get unique login credentials for the app which means that your campaign statistics will close the loop both on a consumer and store level with high level of security.

However, only a POS integration can close the loop at the transaction level and provide the additional transaction totals or receipt data, so we do recommend full integration if you require that functionality.

See below for our infographic on the benefits of our in-store options.


Merchant App Redemption Option



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