Distribute Three Steps probability games to all you app users and let them “play & win” once a day for the entire campaign period. For example every day for two weeks.

They will love it and they will return to your app the next day without a need for reminder. You control the probability to win and can set a lock on the number of available prices. You can add as many prizes you want and you can even have a consolation price for everyone who do not win when they play.

Use (free) rewards and discount coupons as prizes to drive traffic to store. Use survey as prize to capture for example the winners name address, e-mail address etc. Use stamps on specific stamp cards as prizes as a lower cost alternative, or “double-stamps” or “triple-stamps”. You can even use “select prize” as prize in a three steps game where the customer can choose which stamp card she wants the stamp on – if she won.



Try the below demo three steps games by clicking on the image or scanning the barcode using your iPhone. Our three steps games have different templates you can choose from and each template have a specific animation.


THREE STEPS demo games – POPPING BALLOONS template






THREE STEPS demo games – FLIP CARDS template



This concept requires multiple images and descriptions. To ensure the best possible customer experience, please consult our campaign operations guide before creating your campaign.