The above screenshots show first the purchase of a subscription in the shop in app. Once a card is registered this is stored and future purchases are then even simpler. The app user gets a subscription plan in the app. Then next set of screenshots then show how a subscription plan customer uses her subscription in-store by clicking “Scan to register” button on the plan, opening up the camera on the phone enabled by the app, scanning a unique barcode on the coffee island to get a receipt for pick-up of the daily coffee. This is a neat way to “skip the line convenience style” and ensure a fast and frictionless coffee pick up for your daily busy coffee-loving customers.

When scanned the customer gets a digital receipt in the app. Also the scan can trigger follow-up content in the app like a game to play or a coupon on a food offer to motivate the next visit and a larger basket. The scan also ensures that settlement can be done from the central merchant account of the retailer (the app) towards the correct stores where the subscription plan is being used.


Alternatively the redemption process in-store can require a scan at POS (also self-checkout) where a unique barcode enables a daily tender of the point of sale system.

Purchase of subscription (auto-renewal every 30 days):


Use subscription in-store – scanning the unique barcode at the POS. The code can be used once per day (or twice per day if your subscription is 2 coffee per day). From my page you have receipts in the app from both purchase of subscription plan (and auto-renewals made) as well as your coffee pick-up.