Every 5th coffee free. That´s simple. Everyone understands it and it has always been a strong mechanic in retail. With digital: even stronger!



With digital stamp cards you can decide if you want to force the 5th coffee to be free or if you want to allow the app user to collect and save the rewards (the free coffee) for later. In that case a separate reward coupon is issued at the 4th purchase with a time to expiry (which you decide).

The retailer (and brand) chooses what the stamp card deal should be (every xth free).

Our auto stamp mechanic makes it easier for customers to collect stamps.





Retailers can even use levels so that the customer gets a better and better deal. Move from every 6th free on bronze level, to every 5th free on silver level and every 4th free on gold level.

Decide if the jumps should be after 1 round on each level or if the customer needs to e.g. take 3 rounds on bronze and 5 rounds on silver.

The power of a level-based stamp card is that you quickly show the customer that you have seen her and that you value her as a better customer than the rest by giving a better deal. And at gold level you can afford to give a lock-in deal because the customer has earned it!



Users that stop using level based stamp cards can be automatically downgraded. You choose if you want to remove all stamps, or downgrade the user to level 1 while maintaining the same number of stamps on the card.




Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication when it comes to loyalty programs