Special occasions are great times to reward and be personal with your customers.

Our advanced security mechanisms ensure that users only receive the rewards they are entitled to. For example customers only receive one birthday coupon per year even if they freely can change their registered date of birth or log in from multiple devices. We can also limit new registrations per device.


Special occasions example from Narvesen: Birthday coupon combined with Select prize; choose the reward you want


Distribute single-use coupons into your customers´ app automatically on their birthday. A nice treat to your loyal customers and a simple way to be personal and make a positive connection.

Add a push notification to the campaign with a congratulation message! If you want to reach even those customers that for some reason deleted your app, send them an SMS and tell them that they have a birthday gift in the app.

Decide the dynamic time to expiry of the birthday reward.

Combine birthday reward and select prize to allow the app user to choose their birthday reward from multiple options.



Drive app downloads with a clear value proposition to new users: “Download – register – and instantly get a sign-up reward!”

Only new users will receive this single-use coupon and you can control the dynamic time to expiry of the sign-up reward from the time of registration.

Instant rewards are always effective!

Make sure to create in-store collaterals that communicates that there is a sign-up reward!