Distribute unique share & care coupons to your app users that they can´t use themselves! They can however share these coupons with their friends, family or colleagues.

Let them share these share & care coupons directly into their friends´apps (app-to-app).

Your name is stamped on the coupon so that your friends can see who shared the coupon they received. When your friend uses her coupon, you get a reward. The more you share (care) the more you are rewarded.


Share and Care example from K Kiosk: You must send your coupon to a friend. You can receive a coupon when your friend uses the coupon you sent.


This mechanic power your app to become more social and interactive. Your active users becomes advocates for your app and help keep other users active. It is a simple way to reward your most active users for activity you want to encourage.



You can also use the share & care coupon as a follow up reward. For example during the summer season you can make it easy for your app users to give a free ice-cream to a friend. Launch a multi-use coupon in the app which app users can use all summer. Every time this coupon is scanned in-store the app user pays the full price for an ice-cream (you may give a discount to motivate this behavior). Once scanned and paid the app user receives a follow-up reward, which is the share & care coupon. The free ice-cream can then be shared with friends and family; app-to-app.


k kiosk goes digital with engaging share and care app program