Various interaction points with customers can be used to recruit to your program. A key aspect in recruiting is that you can collect consent from customers before they download the app and start issuing rewards using our automatic activation module, give stamps on stamp cards using auto stamps or other promotions. You can then use these rewards and reminders to promote app download.




Your strongest channel for recruiting is your store employees. If you expect them to recruit for you it has to be quick and easy for the customer. Only phone number should be required in store to sign up! If employees can type the number directly on the POS, even better! The POS sends the phone number to us and we issue consent form, do registration and, if you have loyalty cards, give any stamps the customer is entitled to.





Retailers can set up a smart SMS user flow to recruit to app.

Retailers can use codeword on outdoor boards, in-store digital screens and in-store collateral. The communication can be “Are you not an app user yet? Text COFFEE to <given short number> and get a coupon for a free coffee in your app!” Instead of only pushing the download link to the app in the SMS we recommend asking for consent via a simple consent page. After giving consent, the coupon is issued and the download link appears. If the consumer downloads and register she will find her free coffee coupon in her app.

If however the consumer does not download the app immediately, you still have her consent. This gives an opportunity to push an SMS reminder before expiry of the coupon, convincing her to download the app.




Future-proof payment terminal providers can prompt the customer to input her mobile number if her payment card is not already registered in your member base. Use this opportunity to link payment cards with existing members, but also to recruit new members!

If both the payment card and mobile number is unknown to you (not a member) the Liquid Barcodes platform can automatically send an SMS to this particular customer with the terms and conditions for the app and link to downloading the app. The next time she pays, she can start collecting stamps and earn rewards. Without even downloading the app. You can promote app download later.




Mobile Payment methods can be used for recruiting like other payment methods, but good Mobile Payment providers already has loyalty mechanisms that work together with the retailers own program. This makes it easier to connect your program with the Mobile Payment method.




When consumers logon to wifi either with their mobile number, e-mail or Facebook/Twitter ID, you should ask for consent and try to recruit the consumer to your app.

You may also give incentive to encourage the registration. The reward, discount or free stuff, is waiting for her in the app when she downloads it. If she does not download the app immediately, you can use our activation module to define rules that ensures that the consumer will receive a given number of reminders to download and register. For example remind her when the reward is about to expire.