Engage with your customers and discipline operations at the same time! Our rating functionality can be used on a product basis or help you put focus on the entire shopping experience or selected focus areas like service.

Selected store visits can trigger a rating opportunity in the app that allows the customer to give a rating on e.g. the product, the service, the cleanliness or the shopping experience.

If you want to give your most loyal customers the opportunity to rate your stores link the stamp cards with the rating functionality.

Reward the customer after every 5th rating with a free coffee or a deal they appreciate.

Show all stores and all consumers how many ratings each stores have and the average rating score. This will drive transparency on your operation and give you a tool for improving your execution consistency across your stores.


“We have used rating for coffee over many years and it has been very successful from a customer engagement perspective. To do this on a product like baguette is very exciting,” said Jan Yngve Holen, marketing director for 7-Eleven Norway.