Distribute product specific prepaid cards in your app.

The customer scans the card once in store to activate and paying e.g. for 5 coffees. The unique prepaid card code now holds a rebate for the next 5 coffees. When the customer picks up a coffee she just scans the prepaid card to pay.


Prepaid card example from Narvesen: Buy 5 coffees for 60 NOK


The prepaid card can split the payment between a rebate and a tender, thereby making a correct registration at the POS of a purchase at reduced price.

At every scan the coupon graphics changes to reflect that now there is 4 left, now 3 left etc.

On activation, the expiry date can be changed to force the customer to use the card within a given time frame. The consumer needs to use her prepaid card before the expiry date, otherwise she needs to top up again.


Prepaid card example from Shell/7-Eleven: Buy 5 Carwash for 1049 NOK