Liquid Barcodes can support retailers and brands with a simple couponing solution where the redemption process happens entirely on the consumer´s mobile phone, either in app or in browser. This means that the marketing loop is closed on a consumer level, but neither on a transaction or store level.

This solution for redeeming coupons gives you the same advanced distribution capabilities. By pressing a “redeem now” button on the coupon the code is used and cannot be used again. Once pressed the coupon image changes to verify that it has been used. Single use coupons can only be used once. You have the ability to control that 1 consumer only get the offer once and that the offer is single- use.



For many retailers it simplifies the process in-store if a EAN13-code or PLU can be scanned. Place this (non-unique) EAN13 code on the image shown after customer has pressed the “redeem” button. The image can include instructions to the stores and will still have the 60 seconds countdown.


Test it out yourself with this demo coupon campaign:




Redemption of offer can also be triggering a next step action (e.g. new coupon with x days to redeem, survey or game). But you should be careful with rewarding customers for using coupons since the marketing loop is not closed at the store level. To achieve this, you should use our Merchant app or POS integration redemption solutions.


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