Light POS Integration registers each discount directly on the POS


Light POS integration enables a secure, fast and simple customer meeting for both customer and store employees. The Light POS integration requires every coupon to be scanned in the transaction.



Liquid Barcodes POS validation API supports the full range of promotional offers and rewards including those applying to individual products or product groups, multi-product promotions, money off and discounted basket, buy one get one, as well as single use or multi-use stored value vouchers accepted as tender.

Liquid Barcodes POS validation API has been designed to keep the POS integration as simple as possible for the POS developers, while maintaining high flexibility in the solutions Liquid Barcodes can offer retailers and brands.

By moving complexity to Liquid Barcodes back end, we reduce the complexity on the POS side.


To make the Light POS integration more customer friendly, the POS can use the auto stamp functionality by sending the receipt and member ID to Liquid Barcodes after the transaction is complete. We can then give stamps on loyalty cards after the transaction is complete.

The POS can also make a new request on an already scanned code (one registration for multi-use coupons). This allows you f.ex. to scan each stamp card only once even though you have bought multiple products.


For more technical information on POS integration options, visit our developer page.