Your customers are different, so why give all your customers the same marketing message?

Liquid Barcodes give you the tools to segment and communicate personally with all your customers with  minimum effort using automatic rules. Create customer journeys for each customer segment.




The first step is breaking up your pool of registered customers into groups that you can clearly identify. Each segment deserves a communication strategy.

The second step is execution of this communication strategy. We recommend creating automatic activation rules to execute your strategy. Then you can spend time on analyzing the impact of your strategy and consider adjustments.




The customer life cycle is a simple and effective segmentation model. Adapt it to your business by adjusting the segmentation parameters within each main segment.


The acquire phase

x number of days after registration date + x number of days, typically 30 days. A good registration program is important to ensure that new users become very active users.


The engage and grow phase

Active customers that visit store or at least open the app or other customer program site on a regular basis. We recommend retailers to further segment this group to be more targeted in their efforts to increase activity in this group. Your best customers will be found in this group. And those with the potential to become your best customers. What determines who are your best customers? How can you move customers up to a more valuable segment?

For product oriented customer programs, typical parameters that define customer value are frequency and number of purchased products from your hero categories or loyalty card and prepaid card redemptions.

For customer programs that reward based on the whole basket, parameters such as aggregate spending, aggregate spending on high margin products, points or number of store visits define your best customers.


The retain phase

Users with x to y days since app opening, for example 60-200 days.


You can add more data and analysis to your segmentation strategy.






Let our system handle the execution of your strategy. So you can spend time on making, analyzing and optimizing your strategy.

An enormous range of segment customer journeys can easily be executed setting up automatic rules in our dashboard. We believe automatic rules are the best way for retailers to cater for your customers because it requires minimal effort and allows you to spend more time on analyzing and refining your customer program strategy.

Retailers can set up automatic activation rules to target each of these specific customer segments and sub-segments. Retailers can define rules for automatic couponing and communication to specific users.

For example, retailers can automatically issue rewards only to heavy stamp card users. Or issue coupons on day 5, 10 and 15 after registration if, and only if, the app user has not been in-store redeeming coupons yet. Or send a game with push notification to any user that has not opened the app during the last 14 days.

For more inspiration, download our segment by segment communication plan.