Increase app activity with this game-inspired concept. Customers receive an attractive offer with a limited number of available products and live status count down. The customers rush to the stores to use the offer before it is depleted.

Distribute unique, single-use coupons to all your app-users with a cap on in-store redemptions. With hurry the campaign communication includes that this is a limited offer, e.g. only 500 available in-store redemptions.


Hurry example from Narvesen


Only the first 500 app-users to redeem their coupon will be able to. In the app it is a real-time count-down showing all app-users how many remaining coupons there are – right now! So hurry up – you can only redeem once, but you need to do it before it is too late.

When there are no remaining coupons the campaign disappears from all users´apps.